Training Log: 3/3/14 – 3/9/14 – I’m Back to 6 Days of Running!

by Nikky Manausa on March 9, 2014

Old Centerville Road, Tallahassee, FloridaGlad to Get Back To A “Normal” Routine

Last week I ran 39 miles in five days. This week I covered the same amount of ground, but instead ran it in six days. Just over a year ago, I never thought I would be able to run four days straight. Now, it feels abnormal to not run six days out of the week.

I wish I could find the particular post, but I will never forget when Dustin Rhodes, a talented ultra-runner who died prematurely at the age of 29 from an aggressive brain cancer, asked if anyone else thought it might be a good idea to go for a very slow and easy run the day after running the Tallahassee Marathon back in February of 2012. For reference, Dustin ran a 3:18:48 marathon. I also ran that year, my second marathon, in 4:13:25. I read his post and thought, “He is crazy!” There were several responses, but the one that has stuck with me said something like this:

  • “The body is like cement. If you continue to mix cement, it will stay fluid. When you stop stirring it, the cement hardens.”

This simile has been true for me. It seems the more I run, the better I feel. I tend to have superior runs preceding an easy run day than I do after a full day of rest.

Today’s Sunday long run after a race yesterday was yet proof of the cement theory. Read below to find out more!

My Training Log for This Week

Total Miles: 39

Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: 6Tuesday Intervals Nikky Manausa

I was able to run my first set of intervals since running the Tallahassee Marathon on February 2nd. Because time was of the essence, I ran the one mile repeats on a rolling hill loop in my neighborhood. My running coach, Nancy Stedman, advised I run them in 7:18, and that the purpose was to incorporate some speed without killing myself. I warmed up for about 1.5 miles, then ran 3, 1 mile repeats, each with a 2 minute slow jog recovery in between. You can see I cut the second one short (by accident). I finished with a little over a mile cool down.


Wednesday: 5

I ran 5 recovery miles and my legs felt fatigued.

Wednesday Recovery Run Nikky Manausa

Thursday: 7

It rained all day Thursday so I ended up having to run on the treadmill. Despite that I had run fatigued just 15 hours before, my legs felt refreshed. I ran 7 miles in 1:02:18 with an average pace of 8:57.

Friday: 3

I finally got to add back in a few miles instead of an additional rest day. I ran the Shamrock Scurry race route. You know you are a distance runner when 3 miles feels like a warmup! I also got to meet Greg McMillan! I wrote about my celebrity encounter here.

Shamrock Scurry Preview Run

Saturday: 6

I ran my first race since completing the Tallahassee Marathon. It was a tough course, and I didn’t PR, but it was an excellent training run (which was the intent). I wrote all about my race experience in My Shamrock Scurry 5K Race Report 2014. I ran a total of 6 miles, inclusive of 2 warmup miles (first mile at 8:50 and second mile at 7:40), the 5K, and a cool down mile (10:12). Below is the 5K.

Shamrock Scurry GPS Stats Nikky Manausa

Sunday: 12

Running those first few steps the day after a race feels like trying to stir hardened cement. I wouldn’t say anything actually hurt, but my body felt so tight, especially my glutes and hamstrings. I met a group to run, but I started before them because 1. I was paying a babysitter, and 2. I needed to just do my own thing and not worry about trying to keep up. It was nice to know they were out there though.

I ran out Old Centerville Road near Bradley’s Country Store. The clay roads are very scenic and peaceful, but also very hilly. I saw a huge barn owl fly in front of me and a brilliantly ruby-colored cardinal. The photo at the top of this post is from out there just as the sun was starting to rise. Runs like today remind how blessed I am that I can get out and enjoy the world one step at a time.

Pushing the pace was not the intention of this run. I wanted to successfully finish the week off with 6 days of running and allow the 12 miles to aid in my recovery from the 5K. When I have an easy (low-intensity) run, my goal is to feel better at the end than when I started. I definitely felt more loose after I finished. By mile 7, my body was warmed up and moving. Makes me laugh to think it took me 7 miles to get to feeling more normal, but hey, it worked!

12 mile Long Run Old Centerville Rd., Tallahassee, Florida

New Goal

Over the next 5 weeks I will be vamping up my speed as I prepare for Springtime Tallahassee 10K (March 29th) and the Palace Saloon 5K (April 12th). I will also have to figure out a way to get my training in this upcoming weekend and early next week as we head out-of-town for my kid’s spring break. No excuses, I’ll figure it out!

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