Post Marathon Recovery Week 3 – It’s All About Being Flexible!

by Nikky Manausa on February 23, 2014

Everything is Awesome!

Everything is cool when you have a dream! – Hopefully you do not get my reference to the new LEGO movie, and if you do, I’m sorry you had to endure that long hour and thirty minutes at the theater. My son, Randy, LOVED it though, so I guess it wasn’t all that bad… and neither was my third week out since completing the Tallahassee Marathon on February, 2, 2014.

This week I focused on reacquainting my legs with a little faster turnover, although I did not do any “real” speed work. Where as my easy pace is typically somewhere between 8:30-9:15 per mile, I have been focusing on the upper end of that during my recovery. This week, I felt comfortable bringing the pace down a little.

IMG_7116Don’t Let Life Get You Down – Just Be Flexible!

My husband, Bo, works odd hours and his schedule changes all the time. When I started training with my running coach Nancy Stedman, I explained that I could not be held to a rigid schedule. She reassured me that schedules are just suggestions, and as long as you hold true to the hard/easy principle, you can alter your schedule to fit your life. The hard/easy principle is simple: don’t do two hard workouts in a row. A hard workout includes speed work, tempo runs, and long runs. Basically, try to limit these workouts to every other day.

Weather is also unpredictable. I rarely will give up a run because of weather; instead, I will either delay my run to a later time or hit the dreaded treadmill. A race event is going to happen regardless of cold, heat, or rain. You aren’t going to get your entry fee back, and most importantly, the time you put into your training is lost if you do not get out there! You might as well train in these conditions so you can feel confident that you can cross the finish line when the weather is not in your favor… and remember, you aren’t the only one suffering on race day! But you may be the only one who has tackled the storm before!

When you stop making excuses for why you cannot exercise, you will start to find yourself making excuses to find the time to ensure you do get your sweat session in! Funny how the tables can (and will) turn!

Total Miles: This week I ran 35.25 miles.

Monday: Rest day


I had a schedule change at work, and Bo was not available to watch the kids, so the treadmill became my only option. I ran 7 miles in 62 minutes for an average pace of 8:52 per mile. The first mile was at 9:20, picking up to 8:49 to the second mile, reaching 8:35 to 6.5, and 8:19 to 7. I walked for the last 5 minutes to cool down.

For me, surviving the treadmill comes down to beating the clock. The worst treadmill workouts are ones where I need to maintain a pace over a given time. It helps me if I can make every mile a little faster than the last.


I remember thinking my legs felt heavy during this early evening, hotter-than-usual run. I held back knowing that I would be running Thursday morning, too.

Wednesday February, 26, 2014








There is something to be said for those truly easy recovery runs (Wednesday’s run). My legs felt refreshed Thursday morning compared to how they felt just 15 hours before. Thank goodness!

Thursday, February, 20, 2014

Hot Yoga Tallahassee Nikky ManausaFriday:

Since I am still in my recovery phase, Friday was an added in rest day with no running. My hamstrings were feeling a little tight, so when my friend, Hilary, suggested we go to a 90 minute hot yoga class at Hot Yoga Tallahassee, I was all in. We attended a “Hot Fusion” class that moves fluidly throughout the poses. The room is heated to 105 degrees! I lost 3 pounds of sweat during that class, and left feeling so cleansed and refreshed. The instructor, Brittani, is my favorite. She is so poised during her poses and her head stands are impressive! I’ll be attending more of these classes in the coming weeks and will be sure to write about my progress… hopefully to include an increase in my hamstring flexibility. I have very flexible hips and crazy joint mobility in my shoulders, but I have the hamstrings of a 90-year-old sedentary man. Namaste!


What a gorgeous Florida day it was! Although Bo was working, I couldn’t bare the thought of wasting a run on the treadmill. Naturally, I brought my kids with me!

Randy, my five-year-old, ran the first mile with me (I did run a few circles around him totaling 1.2 miles for me and 1 mile for him), and then he rode his bike for the remaining time. Maddie, my seven-year-old daughter, ran 1.5 miles with us.

Getting your kids involved is easy. I purposely have them run the beginning miles with me since I am warming up anyway. I have been training them to ride their bikes while I run. This method of family exercise makes everyone happy!


My alarm was set for 6:25am. I woke up, got dressed, sipped a small cup of coffee and ate a banana topped with almond butter. Following my light snack, I began a simple stretch. At 6:50am my babysitter showed up. As I was getting ready to head out the door, the walls shook in response to a thunder that was prompted by lightning in my backyard. Well, crud! I will run in the rain. I will not, however, run with lightning in the immediate area. Time to get flexible.

I sent my babysitter back to bed, enjoyed yet another cup of coffee, and then got ready for church. As the rain continued to pour down, I began to prepare myself for a miserable 10 mile treadmill run. Off to church we went. I  put in some volunteer hours following church for my kid’s school, and then the clock struck 2pm. The rain had not cleared, but the lightning had left Tallahassee! Woo hoo! Time to throw on my *middle-aged shoes and figure out how I was going to make this run happen… outside!

Fortunately, my nephew, Max, was available to watch Randy while I went for my run. Maddie, my social butterfly, spent the afternoon with her BFF. I enjoyed a new route, hills, rain, and all. Anything  is better than 10 miles on the treadmill! Praise the Lord, I had a pretty decent run, too! This run felt typical. My body was warming up for the first four miles (and I was thinking “why-do-I-take-so-long-to-warm-up”) and then my second wind hit at 7 and I was rolling. I love running in the rain!

*Middle-aged shoes: I really need to do a post on running shoes. My shoes are classified as either new, middle-aged, old, or Tough Mudder. You need them all! My middle-aged shoes are shoes that have several miles under their soles, with life still left, but have seen some rainy days. Once a pair of shoes get soaked, they just aren’t the same. I know, I’m spoiled when it comes to shoes! If you have a connection at New Balance or Mizuno, let me know, ha!

Sunday, February 23, 2014









My Recovery Weeks

In case you missed my previous post-marathon-recovery logs, here they are:

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Love this post! Wish I could have even running in the rain too! :)

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