Post-Marathon Recovery Week 2 – 8 Miles with Bastille! … My Walls Aren’t Tumbling Down!

by Nikky Manausa on February 16, 2014

Nikky Recovery Week 2Two Weeks Down, Two to Go

It has now been 14 days since I ran the Tallahassee Marathon, my 6th marathon, with a new PR of 3:25:45. The prescribed recovery period that I am following is four (long) weeks. My first recovery week focused on taking it easy and eating right. This week felt light, but my legs still felt a little heavy.

Last week I ran only three days, and I was OK with that! This week I ran four, but felt ready for five days. I kept my runs easy-paced and on rolling  trails to lessen the impact. Below you will find a log of my week. As you will see, as the week went on, my pace naturally started picking up without a change in effort. Things are looking up!

Monday: Rest day, as usual.


Recovery Run February 11, 2014

Wednesday: No running but I did visit my chiropractor, Michael Miller, for my post-marathon adjustment. I didn’t want to see him last week when my body was still tight. He has helped me immensely, especially with getting my pelvis realigned. Apparently birthing two kids can throw you out of whack! DUH.

Thursday: Enjoyed a 6 mile run with my friend Hilary, who also had an excellent PR at the Tallahassee Marathon. The weather could not have been more perfect!

Recovery Run February 13, 2014


Friday: I forgot I lived in Florida as I ran through 32 degree freezing temps. At least it was sunny!

Recovery Run February 14, 2014



Friday, of course, was Valentine’s Day. I was glad I was able to burn a few calories so I could enjoy our Valentine’s Dinner guilt-free. We had my brother-in-law, Mike, over and treated the kids to a candlelight dinner. The menu included pecan crusted maple salmon with sesame ginger green beans, and cheesecake with strawberries for dessert. Yum! (I caught Bo mid-bite… but it’s my only picture!)

Valentin's Day Dinner At Home

Saturday: Would have loved to run, but that wasn’t part of my recovery training plan. That didn’t stop me from enjoying our Valentine’s Dinner (without kids!) at Masa. They have the best sushi in Tallahassee and their presentation is always impressive! We went out after to meet up with friends. I rarely drink alcohol when I am in the bulk of my training because I really feel like it effects my workouts. It makes me a cheap date! I wasn’t as cheap as usual last night though! (Still a light-weight!)

Bo & Nikky Valentine's Day at Masa

Sunday: Over time I have weaned myself from feeling like I had to run with some sort of bass thumping in my ears. Unplugging has definitely helped my racing, and I really enjoy  nature’s song on the trails. Today, however, I wanted some company! I just downloaded Bastille’s Bad Blood album. That was $6.99 well spent! What woman doesn’t want a bunch of Brits serenading her while she runs?! “If you close your eyes”… I don’t suggest closing your eyes while running trails, because your walls might come tumbling down!

It felt really good to run 8. When I started my legs felt sluggish, and as it usually takes me four miles to warmup, I was happy to run past my warmup period. By the end, I was ready to run more, but alas, I must stick to my plan. Coach Nancy Stedman has never failed me before!

Recovery Run February 16, 2014

Suggested Reading

1. Scott Dunlap, a 100K-er, from A Trail Runners Blog, offers some great advice in his blog entry, Recovery Tips – What Works for Me. I follow many of these, my least favorite being the ice-bath! In this, he also writes a day-by-day log for the week after his 100K. I do not really have an interest at this time to start participating in ultra-distance running, but people like this guy sure make it sound like fun!

2. The article from Runners World online, Why Road Runners Should Run on Hills, provides some good insight on the benefits of trail running, including both recovery runs and some specific trail workouts.

Thank you for reading my blog! If you would like to stay updated with my training and receive tips to help keep you and your family fit for life, please consider subscribing. Check back next Sunday for my post-marathon recovery week 3!


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Hilary Joyner February 17, 2014 at 9:48 am

Nikky, it’s good you are blogging about this. I think a lot of runners, especially newbies, under estimate the importance of recovery. We constantly beat ourselves up during training because we have a set goal. But often, we forget that recovery plays as much importance in training for our next race as does all the miles we put in! For someone who started running nine years ago, I am just now appreciating the power in recovery and allowing your body to heal. Thanks for reminding us how significant this is. I’m enjoying reading your blog, my friend.

Nikky Manausa February 17, 2014 at 1:47 pm

Thanks Hilary! Recovery is even better when you get to enjoy the down time with friends!

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