My Blog is Back! Times Have Changed!

by Nikky Manausa on February 4, 2014

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Forgive Me for it Has Been 4 Years Since My Last Entry

I am not sure where the time has gone, but so much in my life has blossomed! Looking at my last post, I was getting ready to complete my first marathon. Since then, I have completed 5 additional marathons including 2 recent Boston qualifiers, and moved from Baton Rouge to Tallahassee. I have a very active competitive gymnast as a daughter, and both of my kids not only run races, but can ride bikes without training wheels! My family is fit for life!

New Theme, Sort Of

Originally, I started this blog to encourage others to practice a healthy family life. That is certainly still the underlying theme of my blog; however, now I am focusing more on how to balance “it all,” because I find that is one of life’s greatest challenges, and what I hear people struggle with the most.

After I trained for my first marathon, I realized I had found a niche in running. I realized that my kids wanted to run because they saw how much FUN I was having doing it. The more I ran and the faster I got, the more I wanted to run and the faster I wanted to get. The more I ran and the faster I got made me want to eat even healthier than before, and my family has followed right along. I have always said lead by example, and I feel I am doing just that. With that being said, I will be posting more about my personal training experiences, but do not worry, I will still post about promoting family health, too.

Why The Emphasis on Running?

I’m pretty much a normal person. Although I would consider myself “active” in high school, I was in the band and not on a team. I never played any competitive sports growing up other than a little softball and volleyball in middle school. When I started reading about people who I admire for their running talents, many of them were proven high school and college athletes. What about non-athletes? Can they have a successful running career? How do we define success with running anyway? I want to read about people who had a late running start in life and how they have improved. I can learn so much from professionals and collegiate runners, but they are not like me: they have a history in the sport, and probably a different gene-pool, too. I want to be inspired by mere mortals!

I’m Just a Mortal

It is often said that runners are born, not made (probably true for many sports). When I started running 14 years ago, I was a 10 minute per mile runner. Then one day I realized I could run a little faster than that (I’ll blog about that day another time!). Fast forward to the present, and it’s really only within the last 2 years that I have figured out this whole running thing. I always say being “fast” is relative. The day I ran a 9 minute 10K, I felt fast. The day I ran a 3:25:45 marathon I felt fast. Yet, a 7:50 pace would be a cruising speed for many!  I’m just a normal 32-year-old woman chasing after the dream of finding out what I’m really capable of. It’s never too late, right? But if I can improve, so can you!

You Have Asked, Hopefully I Can Answer

I have had many friends and acquaintances ask me how I got into running, and what it is I am doing to improve. I started running to be healthy, and because I like to eat, ha! The rest is a mix of many life-style changes and running adaptations that I have learned along the way. Family Fit For Life will dive into my training, my “secrets” (I really don’t have any), and my ups and downs as I continue to strive for personal bests. I look forward to you, and your family, joining me!

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Morgan Mims February 5, 2014 at 1:08 pm

Seeing this post is like running into people you love while on a run. Or opening the fridge to see an ice cold bottled Coke. Or coming home from vacation to a new dog or PR’ ing in a race you weren’t expecting to rock in! In other words, total (no legit or explainable reason for the) excitement!!!!

“Happy dance with an ear to ear grin!!!” Ya hoo!

Nikky Manausa February 6, 2014 at 4:32 pm

Thank you for your encouragement, Morgan!

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