Watch Out Nutella – Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter Blend Has Arrived!

by Nikky Manausa on February 26, 2014

Nutella and Justin's Hazelnut SpreadNutella – God’s Frosting

I am pretty sure that God created Nutella and called it the forbidden frosting reserving it for himself to indulge in when the world has ticked him off (daily). The smooth taste can make even the worst day seem tolerable. One bite of this chocolate, supposedly hazelnut spread, creates a utopia in my mouth.

I do have to wonder: What is Nutella, really?

Sometimes I would rather not look at the ingredient list on my long-time favorite foods. It’s like when my house is a little too quiet, I’d prefer not to know what mischief my kids are actually getting into. Why disturb the peace when life is good, right? Well, just as it is my responsibility to check in on my kids (every once in a while), I also need to monitor what I am actually feeding my family.

Would you like a little hazelnut with your sugar spread?

Well, that explains a lot! The first ingredient in Nutella is SUGAR. At least now I know the devil is not at work with this product, because if he were, the first ingredient would be high fructose corn syrup. The second ingredient is palm oil, and finally the third ingredient is in fact hazelnuts. Looking at the list, it’s not all that bad, but surely I can find a suitable substitute for my family.

Introducing Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter Blend Chocolate Hazelnut Butter Blend

I am already a huge fan of Justin’s Maple Almond Butter. My pre-race meal includes a spoonful of this almond butter and a banana. So when I saw that Justin’s offers a chocolate hazelnut butter blend, putting it in my cart was a no brainer!

Hooray for Hazelnuts!

Justin’s would never disappoint me! As I expected, hazelnuts are the primary ingredient, followed by roasted almonds, organic cane sugar, and organic cocoa. Even the palm oil comes from a sustainable source! I’m pretty sure the angels made Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Blend!

Hazelnut Butter Nutrition Facts

Time for a Taste Test

Nutella is definitely smoother, but only slightly sweeter. They both taste like hazelnuts and chocolate. The biggest difference is the texture. Although Justin’s may not spread as easily as Nutella, I think you’ll hardly notice when you indulge your taste buds.

How About the Facts

The fat and calories are about the same for a two tablespoon serving of Nutella or Justin’s. The major difference appears in the carbohydrates thanks to Nutella boasting 21 grams of sugar (that’s almost 6 teaspoons of sugar in just two tablespoons of Nutella!), with Justin’s having nearly a third the sugar with 8 grams. Justin’s also has double the protein at 4 grams, and 3 grams of fiber. Nutella has 1 gram of fiber.

Nutella & Justin's Nutrition Facts

It’s Still a Treat

When you have a craving for Nutella, give Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter Blend a try. It is definitely a better option over Nutella. However, I would not consider it a healthy snack, instead a delectable treat!

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